Saturday, June 11, 2011

Military = The Gospel

All branches of the military have some differences in rank but the purpose is still the same. The General gives his commands and it goes through the ranks ensuring the message is sent. The organization still needs to be there to ensure that every soldier can return home safe and to have accomplished their objective. When at war, the soldiers need to work together as a unit to accomplish the goal. The information comes through the chain of command. Without that organization, the army would fail and wouldn't win.

Physical weapons are used to destroy the enemy of the people. 

Spiritual weapons are used to destroy the enemy of our soul.

Air Force Ranks

Everyone has their own rank and their own duties, but without each one of them the army would fall.

The Lord has always called those to stand as officers.(2 Chronicles 23:18)  In the church, there is the Prophet, who acts as the leading General under the direction of Jesus Christ.  The Prophet has two counselors (Exodus 17:12) who would stand as Lieutenant Generals.  The the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles would be Major Generals.  Those who hold the office of Seventy (Luke 10:1) would be Brigadier Generals.  Stake Presidents are like Colonels, with their counselors being Lieutenant Colonels.  Bishops would stand as Majors, with their counselors being Captains.  An Elders Quorum President would be a 1st Lieutenant, and his counselors standing as 2nd Lieutenants. (Matthew 21:23) This is the design that has been established by God to govern the affairs of His church, and just as in a worldly army it all starts at the top and then filters down.

U.S. Military Seals
Each branch of the military specializes in its own field of combat.  You don't usually see an Air Force pilot as a crewman on a Submarine.

Christ has set up His church the same way, there are several organizations designed to best help the people in that area.  They include the Elders Quorum for men over 18, Relief Society for women over 18, Young Mens and Young Womens for ages 12 to 18, Primary for the kids 2 to 12, and a Nursery.

"The Lord's house, is a house of order."

The Book of Mormon and the Bible each teach and testify of Christ.  It is by reading these books of scripture which were written by Prophets, or Spiritual Generals, that we learn the battle plans and how to follow our Savior.

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