Friday, February 17, 2012

Armor of God - One of Six - Loins Girt with Truth

Truth is an interesting word that many people are not interested in.

To have your loins 'girt' means that you have all the excess clothing on the bottom half of your body, wrapped up in your 'girdle', or belt.

Having your robe or cloak girded in this fashion makes it so you can run faster without tripping yourself, and also enables you to do regular chores and other work without obstruction.  This increased ability and range of motion would be much desired on the battle field.

The girdle is also where the bottom of your breastplate latches, and your sword hangs on the side of the girdle.  If your girdle is not 'true' at all times you might find your other pieces of armor to slip out of place, or your sword to fall off unexpectedly.  This would not be something you want to happen while you are fighting a war.

This girding of the loins with truth is the first piece of armor mentioned in the Armor of God, and without it everything else wouldn't truly work the way they were intended to.

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