Saturday, June 25, 2011

There is a Reason for MY Faith in Jesus Christ

Many people do not fully understand what Faith is.  Faith is an action word.  Faith in Jesus Christ leads us to follow His example and to do those things which He would do.  Faith is not required to be blind, and is not even designed to be blind.  Faith is a Hope for things which are not seen but are true. (Alma 32:21)

Reason on the other hand is based almost entirely on what you can see, hear, touch, smell, or taste.  It is the idea of Logic.  If you can see the leaves moving, you know that it is windy outside.  If it hurts when you touch the stove, you know that it is hot.

Faith and Reason are both involved whenever we receive inspiration from the Lord.

"Yea, behold, I will tell you in your mind and in your heart,
by the Holy Ghost, which shall come upon you
and which shall dwell in your heart.
 Now, behold, this is the spirit of revelation;
behold, this is the spirit by which Moses
brought the children of Israel
through the Red Sea
on dry ground."

So when you are looking for an answer to your prayers, make sure that what you are asking makes sense in your Mind, and feels good in your Heart.  This is how you can know if something is right.

Remember to Pray Always when seeking guidance from the Lord. (Doctrine and Covenants 10:5)

I myself have thought long and hard about the Book of Mormon and the Bible.  I have prayed and asked God, MY Heavenly Father, to let me know whether or not they are true.  He has answered my prayers and thus by Reason and Faith I KNOW that they are truly the word of God.

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