Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Types of Baptism in the Movies!??

So again with the Stargate thing.  The actual journey of going through the Stargate is like Baptism.

In order to return and live with our Heavenly Father again we must be baptized.  This has been a commandment since the days of the old testament. (Matthew 3:15)

"And the Father said:
Repent ye, repent ye,
and be baptized in the name of my Beloved Son."

So we know that we need to be baptized, and we know that it is a commandment.  But how exactly do we learn of these things that are required to enter into the Fathers presence?

We learn what needs to be done by reading the scriptures, which were written by prophets.  The scriptures tell us everything we need to do, and how it is to be done.

In the Stargate realm the way to get somewhere is done by knowing the Gate address, or star chart location. You would need seven points to find and plot a course to an exact location.  Six to determine the destination, with the seventh point being the point of origin.

The symbols for Abydos were first uncovered with the Stargate.
This is a wall on Abydos listing a lot more Gate addresses.
The Gate address list on Abydos is kinda like Stargate Scriptures.  Without these addresses we wouldn't know how to go anywhere except Abydos and then back to Earth.  But if you read and understand the Scriptures then you can go wherever the instructions take you.

The next part is the DHD, or Dial Home Device.

Stargates need to have a DHD hooked up or they don't work properly.   The DHD is what 'authorizes' the Gate to activate and create a stable wormhole to travel to the desired destination.  It basically holds a Hard drive with programs that tell that Stargate which other Stargate to connect to, based on the order of the Symbols used in the Gate address.  Kinda like a phone number, there are only 10 different numbers to push, but with the right combinations in the right order you can call a specific phone and talk with someone.

The same is true with the gospel, the Lord has given Priesthood Authority to worthy men here on earth.  Those who hold the priesthood can perform sacred ordinances, such as baptism.

So with the DHD being the Authority to use the Stargate, actually going through the Stargate would represent being Baptized.  You can only make it to the other planet, or back into the presence of our Heavenly Father, by going through the Gate.

Thus we see that without both, it won't work.  You might know the address of where you want to go, but without actually stepping through the gate you will never get there.  Likewise it you go through the Gate without the Authority then you won't go very far.  Sure you really really want to get there, and you know where you need to go, but that Authority is what enables you to actually turn on and use the Stargate.

We have to actually go through the Stargate, or in other words, we really do have need to be Baptized by Priesthood Authority.  This is the Strait Gate by which we may enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Read the Scriptures and they will tell you all things that you should do.  Then you will be able to follow the guidance of the Spirit, as well as the words of the Prophets, in journeying back to the Fathers presence.

"For behold, again I say unto you
that if ye will enter in by the way,
and receive the Holy Ghost,
it will show unto you all things what ye should do."

"And it came to pass that
when Jesus had ended these sayings
he said unto his disciples:
Enter ye in at the strait gate;
for strait is the gate, and narrow is the way
that leads to life,
and few there be that find it;"

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