Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why is He the Master Physician??


I was talking with a good friend the other day about what to do when you are hurt.  Sometimes us manly men have the need to look macho for the ladies, but they actually would rather have us be open with them about our feelings.

I asked her what she would prefer me to do if something had happened to me.  If something happened that I had been stabbed in the leg, would she rather have me be macho and just deal with it and pretend to be cool, or just lets the tears out because it really hurts and I can't walk?

She said she would rather have me cry, and go to the hospital to get it taken care of.

I personally have a bit of a fear of doctors and medicine in general, so I asked if I had to go to the Hospital?

She said yes.

This made me think of how we are in the gospel.  Most of the time we are always looking at things like we can handle it on our own, and we don't need to let anyone else know what we are going through.

The Savior went through everything, and He alone knows everything that we will need help with.  Even when we feel like we don't need to, or when we really don't want to, Jesus Christ is ALWAYS the Master Physician, able to fix anything no matter how broken it is, and He is there to stitch us up spiritually and make sure we are ok in the end.

Without turning to Him the Atonement doesn't take effect in our lives.  So Repentance is one of the most basic and one of the most important principles of the Gospel.

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  1. The Savior is the only one that can realy put us all the way back together. Love it!