Friday, June 22, 2012


So this one time, Rodney found a new toy.

Every now and then we get these ideas that we are 'Invulnerable'.  We often forget that we only have the promise of the Lord when we do what He says.

The Spirit is much like the Protective Shield, and He will guard us from temptation as long as we turn to God with all our hearts and seek after Him.  We must do our part before the Lord will do His.

When we are serving the Lord we should not intentionally put ourselves in bad situations.  We need to do all that we can to protect ourselves first, and then ask the Lord to do thatr which we cannot.  In other words, we should not test out the Lords protection by driving twice the posted speed limit, and we should not allow our friends to shoot us, even in the leg.

The Lord has set limitations on our life, and if we are not obedient to His commandments we put ourselves in danger where He cannot help us, for God must keep His word.

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