Sunday, April 03, 2011

I AM NORMAL..........Contrary to Popular (and Family) Belief the title says this post is all about how I am Normal.  However my family would probably say that is not entirely accurate.  Sometimes they think I am more of an alien, Goa'uld depending on how many times I say "Cree" in a sentence, Asgard depending on how technical my last sentence was, and Ancient if they simply didn't catch a word I just said.  Going by popular belief most of my friends think I am smart, some think I am funny, and few really know my personality.  However tonight I am going to prove once and for all, I AM NORMAL.

     You see, last night I just didn't feel happy.  I didn't have any reason not to be happy.  In fact I had several reasons to be happy.  We had just got home from Priesthood session of 181st General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I am doing what God wanted me to be doing.  I am doing what I want me to be doing.  I am even doing things that I have tried to do in the past without success.

     Indeed I was in the best situation I could have possibly been in.  However as I went to take a shower, I felt very, very worthless.  After my shower I went and sat by myself by the backdoor, and tried to understand myself.  In this state I was able to relax, but the feelings didn't leave.  As a missionary I try to be in bed by 10:30 so that I will be able to function the next day without being tired.  That did not happen.  I walked into the bedroom at about 10:45, and my wonderful companions sat up with me to try and help me feel better.

     I personally don't sleep well anyways, and I haven't for quite some time.  But because they cared they stayed up and didn't go to bed themselves.  I wasn't feeling entirely better when we finally decided to go to bed, but I knew they loved me, and I could feel it within me. 

     The Lord is the same way.....He doesn't always make it all better, He only supports us enough to help us through.  This is what enables us to grow the most, and to become like Him.  By learning of Him we are able to apply His teachings into our own lives.  This was what helped me to feel better throughout the day.

     This is my proof that I am normal.  Beyond that I declare Mormons normal.  We might appear to have less difficulties, but the truth is that we have just as many problems and trials.  But when you have others that are willing to help you, every trial you go through becomes much much easier.

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