Monday, August 15, 2011

Airbending - A Flexible Ability

The key to Airbending is flexibility, finding and following the path of least resistance. Airbending is notable for being almost entirely defensive.  Airbenders never seek a fight and they never seek to strike an opponent directly.  As contention is of the devil, we should also never seek to harm others, or hurt their feelings.  If something happens that we do hurt someone emotionally or physically, we should do everything we can to make it right and help them feel better.

As the element of freedom, Airbenders can move about and dodge attacks without needing to worry about gravity or other environmental factors that limit the other forms of bending.


Airbending requires evading attacks with speed and agility to exhaust your opponent, or using massive amounts of inertia for explosive gusts of wind.  Satan tries the same thing, he either waits until you are tired and unable to defend against his attacks, or he uses overwhelming force day after day until you give in.

Airbending's opposite is Earthbending.  Learning to by completely flexible, and solid as a rock at the same time, is something that almost everyone struggles with.  We must be Firm and Unshaken in our testimony of Christ, while still being led through an unpredictable life by the Holy Ghost.

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