Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beauty and the Beast - Transformation

Some people see Humility as 'childish', 'weak', or 'Dependent' on others.

True Humility is not exalting yourself above others, and Submitting to God's will.

Beast was Submissive, and not swift to anger.
Even after Bell came back, he only told Gaston to get out, and did not throw him of the ledge.

Throughout the movie Beast is trying to calm his temper and have Bell fall in Love with him.  He is concerned that the Flower will lose all of its petals before she does, which would result in him staying in Beast-form forever.

We each have our own Spiritual Flower, which if it runs out of petals before we have received a change of heart, we will be stuck as we are forever. (Alma 5)

We must come back to the Lord as swiftly as we can, before the time of our Probation (this Life) runs out.(the Flower)

Red is the color of Power.

As Beast is being transformed his RED Cloak wraps around him, much as we need the Power of Christ to completely envelope us so that we might have this transformation take place in our hearts.
Transformation = Change

One of the missionaries that I have had a chance to serve with once spoke of the Change wrought upon Cucumbers when they are made into pickles.  He stated that we should become 'Celestial Pickles'.

You see when a Cucumber (which is totally gross and nasty by the way), is made into a Pickle (which is AWESOME), it must be completely submerged in a Salt Brine (Also totally gross and nasty).

This is the only time, to the best of my knowledge, that two negatives make a positive outside of math.

The Salt Brine represents Trials we go through in Life.  If we choose to only partially go through them we will not become a 'Celestial Pickle'.  However, if we Humble ourselves and are Submissive to the Lord's Will, then we will have His help in everything we do, and He will make us into whatever kind of Pickle He knows we need to be.

As we go through this transformation, others will be able to see the Light of Christ shine through us.  Much as the Light that comes from Beast's Hands, Feet, and Heart.  This is an AWESOME representation of how the Light of Christ not only changes our Heart, but cause our Actions (Hands and Feet) to be changed as well.

It has been said that "the Eyes are the Window to the Soul."

After Beast has been transformed he says, "Bell, it's me."  She is a little unsure of him, even having seen the Transformation take place, until she looks into his Deep Blue Eyes.

This is something that she Recognizes, and she immediately says, "It IS you."

How are we going to Recognize the Savior when He comes again?  Sure there will be Miracles all around us, and everyone will know it is Jesus Christ.  But how shall we KNOW that He is our Savior?  I believe we shall know Him if we have BECOME like Him.

Yes, we shall all live 'Happily Ever After', IF we keep the Commandments and Follow the Lord's Prophets.

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