Sunday, July 08, 2012

For the Birds ~ Or, For the FOWLS

This is my Favorite Pixar Short.

My First thought is that of the Law of Chastity.  There is no need to be running around without any Feathers(Clothing) to cover our body.  We should maintain modest dress standards no matter what the occasion is.

The second point is that we should always show 'Brotherly Kindness' to those around us.  Just because someone thinks Different, Acts Different, Believes Different, and is simply DIFFERENT from us, doesn't mean we should whisper rumors back and forth, and we should also probably not peck at their toes.

A third item on the agenda is that we should have Patience.  Just because someone or something cause us some level of discomfort now, doesn't mean that making them go away will immediately make everything better.  Sometimes God will let us struggle a bit before He sends help.  Sometimes we have to figure out how to fix the problem on our own.  We have several options with this clip.  The little birds could have flown somewhere else and not been bothered by the big bird.  They could have sat farther apart from each other in the first place.  They could have spread out on one of the other wires.  All the other birds could have flown away when they realized that the wire was going to project them into the air.  God gives us many options, but we have to make our own choices.

Lastly I wish to point out that all of the birds are blue.  I personally believe that the big bird is either the little birds Mom or Grandma.  If this was the case, the little teenager birds were well animated.  However, just because they think they are so clever as to run away from Mommy and talk amongst themselves, Mommy still knew what they were doing, and Mommy always knows best.

Notice, Mommy didn't lose any feathers.

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