Monday, April 11, 2011

JEEP's in the MUD

OK....someone is probably wondering why a missionary is blogging about a JEEP.  Well, more than one someone probably.  However, tonight you get a special treat.  Tonight is the night that we have been waiting for.  We are going mudding!!!  But even better it is going to be easier than normal, and so is the following car wash.  ;)   

We are also going to be looking into how a JEEP relates to the gospel.  Particularly with the ideal of taking it mudding.

So step right up and climb into your new crawler....

This is us as we enter mortality at birth.  We are perfect and clean, ready to do whatever needs done.  To serve others and fulfill our purpose in the way the Creator designed us to.

This is us after we go through life a little.  We think we can do these things but we just can't.  God knew we wouldn't be perfect, and that sometimes we would get ourselves stuck.  Not only are we stuck be we are also very, very dirty.

Baptism makes us clean through the Atonement of Christ.  It is like the sweet car wash after a good day of mudding.  No one wants to be in a slimy, dirty, dusty, immobilized JEEP.  Likewise no one enjoys being around those who are dirty, slimy, and spiritually immobilized.

This is us after that washing, or baptism, where Christ makes us all clean and helps us to learn from our mistakes.  This learning is essential so that we don't make the same mistake again.  Learning is like putting the upgrades on that stock JEEP.  We become a perfected JEEP by being baptized and allowing the Lord to do what He sees fit without arguing.  I never heard a JEEP argue when someone went to give it a few upgrades.  :)

My hope is that we may all become that new JEEP and follow our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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