Thursday, December 22, 2011

Addiction Recovery

There is always a need to have something to latch onto in life.  Some people latch onto reading books as a way to deal with stress.  Many turn to video games.  Others may turn to harmful drugs or Alchohol.

I turn to Sprite!

We all have those things we enjoy, that help us to deal with high stress situations.  The Lord has promised us that if avoid Harmful Substances and Anything that causes an Addiction, we will be blessed.  By not having Drugs or Alchohol, we not only stay out of trouble with the law, we are more Healthy and much more Happy because we can spend our time (and Money) with our family.

Occasionally I am told that I am addicted to Sprite.(see picture below)  So in order to make sure that I don't cast away my agency I make sure that I only buy Sprite when I am eating out or for special occasions.  This year I bought 36 cans of Sprite to decorate the apartment and build a Christmas Tree.  Elder Burnham also got a 24 pack of Ski.

 Elder Burnham drinks the Ski and I drink my Sprite. (Sprite is the Elixir of Life)

These Can are all being used for us to build a Christmas Tree, as it was cheaper to buy something we would use and then recycle it into something else that would bring Happiness.

While I had more cans to drink, I drank them all about a week faster than Elder Burnham drank his Ski.  This again brought to mind the words of my family who so often tell me that i drink too much Sprite.

Basically if there is any addiction that you struggle with just know that our Heavenly Father can help.  Christ has suffered everything for all of us.  Even though I love my Sprite, I know it would be better for me to not have it very often and not have a large amount.

Please avoid any addictive substance, that you may better feel the Words of the Spirit.

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