Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cristmas Presents - What are We Really Giving ? ?

What are we really giving at Christmas time when we give others presents?  Is it simply a thing?  Is it something that as great value?  Is there a lot of stuff they have to get themselves in order to use it?  How long did it take us to get it?

We should be giving a piece of our Heart to those who we love, including the Savior.  These presents, though they might be temporal objects, should never be just another thing for them to have, but something that they will enjoy and treasure as a gift and memory from you.  There should be no need of telling them to find other supplies in order to feel of your love for them.  We should take the time to put care and love into our Gift, and not just find something as a last minute thought.

This link has a song of a poor young boy who only wanted to help his mom be happy.

The Christmas Shoes

We should try to help others find true Joy and and Happiness all year, but to celebrate the Birth of the Messiah is a very Special time.

Stille Nacht (Silent Night)

May we each find a way to help those who may not have a 'fulness of Joy' this year as we celebrate Cristmas.

Joy to the World


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