Saturday, December 10, 2011

Killer Bunnies and the Pursuit of Salvation

So...not very many people know about Killer Bunnies. 
Not very many people have a Perfect assurance of Salvation either.

You see when you first begin playing Killer Bunnies you have the Starter deck, which includes the Blue and Yellow card sets.  You have two booklets to help you learn how to play, Six different colored, twelve sided dice, and Twelve different Carrot Cards.

Some of the cards can be rather difficult to understand how to play them, or even know what exactly they are supposed to do.

Once you begin getting better however, you have the option to add the Red Booster deck.

Plus a few other decks.

Which in turn adds a few more 'special' cards to the Game.

When you finally add all Nine of the Expansions to your deck of Killer Bunnies, you have something around 1000 cards in the deck.

This is a lot like the Restoration of the gospel, or maybe like someone joining the church.  In the beginning it might be a bit overwhelming.

For almost 1800 years all anyone had known as Scripture was the Bible.  But even before the Time of Christ there were Prophets who consistently added to Scripture.

The 5 Books of Moses

Moses covered over 2000 years in his writings alone.
Then you have other Prophets who added Scriptures.

Confused Yet??

Then after Christ called His Twelve Apostles and performed the Atonement, the Apostles started writing their Testimonies and it was Canonized into being Scripture, now known as the New Testament.

So most of the world only knows about this set of Scriptures.
Kinda like having just the Starter set of Killer Bunnies.

But just like with killer bunnies you have more to add!!

Adding the Book of Mormon to Scripture is like adding Booster decks to Killer bunnies. Sometimes it gets confusing.  But the deck is so much better to play with when you have all the extra content.

So the more you play, or go through life, the more you learn about the way things work.  So try to find all the Truth that you can, and then live by that Knowledge.

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