Friday, May 13, 2011

Prince of Egypt

So as i studied the scriptures this morning I read a little bit out of Exodus where Moses is born and a few chapters later when he confronts Pharaoh.  I then thought about one of my all time favorite movies, the Prince of Egypt.  It goes through the life of Moses, and depicts how he came to understand and obey the Lord.

One of the best parts is when Moses must use the Priesthood to perform signs and "wonders" and thereby convince Pharaoh to "Let his people go."

I found this video and the words of this song make so much sense, it seems a wonder of its own that Pharaoh would not soften his heart before losing his firstborn son.

I hope we can all listen swiftly to the Spirit, and not harden our hearts against the Lord.  When His Spirit whispers to us that we need to do something, quickly obey and just do it.  I know that by obeying the voice of the Lord we will find greater peace and happiness in our lives, and we will be able to build upon a firm foundation.

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